New Premium Dungeon

A new premium dungeon has come out in KMS or KMST not sure here is the UPDATE page thingy ❤

As you can see theres a Boss this place is liked Nerfed Siam (Thailand World Tour) the monsters names where slighty changed example Saphirre Giant was changed to Blue Goblin.

GMS v0.81

Patch v0.81 came out today it came out with two new monster clean up pq thingies not sure what precise name is one is Nett’s Pyramid which is located in Arient and the other is in Kerning City which i cant enter due to its level retrictions 25-30 i lvled twice today because of Nett’s Pyramid it gave me around 60k EXP by just killing 2000 monsters which is fairly easy for me since i have max fire pillar.

Here are some pictures of Nett’s Pyramid

Intrepid Maple World scouts are bringing back reports about two exciting new experiences about to make their debut in MapleStory. If you think you're a great monster fighter, you're about to get the chance to prove it in Monster Survival!
There are dark and hidden corners of Maple World where scary things lurk. When they're opened, the call goes out for all Maplers to come and clear away what lurks beneath for the chance at some pretty incredible prizes. It seems that that time has come again. Level 25-30 players should seek out Mr. Lim in the Abandoned Subway Station in the Construction Site North of Kerning City. From there, they may enter the Dusty Platform to fight their way through three stages to the legendary Platform for Train 999 bonus map where Subway Lost and Found prize boxes filled with consumables await! Those who do not go to the bonus map right away will receive the Train 999 Boarding Pass that will grant entry to the bonus through Mr. Lim.
Those who slay 10,000 of these beasts will even be awarded with a medal and the title of Honorary Employee! More powerful players of level 40+ may wish to head for Sahel 3 and look for Duarte. There they'll find the entrance to Nett's Pyramid. The Pyramid is a five-stage lost tomb with separate difficulty levels based on player levels (Easy (levels 40-45), Normal (levels 46-50), Hard (levels 51-60), Hell (levels 61+)). Once all stages are cleared you will be able to go to a bonus map immediately or return later by using a Pharaoh's Yeti item with Duarte.
Once in the bonus map, gather as many Pharaoh's Treasure Chests as you can to find awesome consumables! Can you delve into the secrets of the sands, battle through 50,000 creatures and emerge with the Protector of Pharaoh medal?
Honor and duty are the hallmarks of true royalty. Do you have that kind of noble character? Here's a chance to prove it! From January 20 – February 16, 2010, Maplers who log in each day and check in with Cassandra will receive a one-day 2010 Winter King or Winter Queen medal. Log in for 20 consecutive days and you'll receive a special 30-day version of the medal! Do your duty and take your place as a monarch of Maple World!
Gachapon Stamps: More Gachapon – More Rewards!
You love Gachapon. Who doesn't love those little bundles of fun? Well Gachapon have gotten even more rewarding with Gachapon Stamps! Just like frequent flyer miles on an airline or frequent shopper cards at a supermarket, Gachapon Stamps are a way to reward you and thank you for your loyalty to MapleStory. How does it work? Simple. Every time you purchase a Gachapon, you'll receive a Gachapon stamp. Simply save your Gachapon Stamps until you have enough to redeem them for great free prizes!
First, check to see if you have room in your ETC inventory for Gachapon Stamps. You will not receive the stamps if you don't have room.

Purchase Gachapons or Remote Gachapons to receive Gachapon Stamps. You'll receive one Gachapon Stamp per Gachapon purchased.

When you have enough stamps for the prize you want, just talk to a Maple Administrator NPC and choose your prize! It's that easy!

Check out the list of prizes available for your Gachapon stamps:


Gachapon Update
Everyone needs friends, but a hero's buddy needs to be something special. Well then, who better to help you recover from your Maple World adventures than Ryko, Aran's loyal silver wolf companion? Now you can find Ryko in your Gachapon! Rest and recover in style with your canine companion. Not only that, but the Cuddly Polar Bear and the Giant Pink Bean Cushion are back in Gachapon as well. Truly the best of friends for the greatest of adventurers!

And when you're done resting, get out and crush some monsters with some level 64 Maple weapons. They're in Gachapon as well! Available from January 20th to February 16th only, these are rare Maple weapons that have never been in Gachapon!
He comes and he goes as the wind blows, but when the Muse strikes, Big Headward returns to continue his never-ending crusade to bring fabulous hair to the citizens of Maple World!
That's right, the lord of the styling scissors is back in business and from January 20 through February 16,6, 2010, you can get the Royal Hair Coupon to sample his incredible new hairdos with only 3,300 NX.
Act fast! Come February 16, Big Headward will be leaving to once again consult the hairdresser's Muse and only she knows when he'll be back!


Also on other notes ill HOPEFULLY be starting KMS very soon so there will be POSSIBLY more exclusive updates on this blog.