KMS Started!!!

I just started KMS here are just some test videos sorry for quility these videos were just tests.

During the Thursday Patch Dual Blade will be released i will be makign videos about them.

I play on Plana the character is not going to be used forever i will be switching to Dual Blade and if your wonderings why its Male i was given it like that i did want to start over since it takes a long time for me to read Korean e.g Quests.


New Class: Dual Blade

A new class is soon to come out not sure if its already out in KMST or KMS because i can’t download it sob T-T anyways its a Theif class not Archer like everyone thought it would be here is the story.

The previous Dark Lord had a student named Jin and a daughter, Sulhee.
Basically what happened was that the friend of the previous Dark Lord, Tristan, requested help to kill Balrog.

Unfortunately, Dark Lord got turned into a monster by Balrog and his student Jin had to kill Dark Lord because he was attacking Kerning City.
The daughter of the previous Dark Lord, Sulhee, saw the dead body of her father brought by Jin.

She thought that Jin framed him and killed him because of his position. (Although, she loved Jin, but she is stupid and thinks that way)
So Jin became the next Dark Lord and Sulhee created a secret dark organization to go against Jin.

Now the rogues are disappearing from Kerning City by Sulhee’s command to recruit them to Dual Blade to fight against Jin.

credits to Spadow

New items were also added mastery books equips and monster added too.

Dual Blade isnt a Hero class it is an Adventurer as you can see Green in KMS means Adventurer

   More Information coming soon at the time why not watch some of my videos