MapleStory Still having 2x EXP

I recently went onto an old account of mine and found thatΒ i have a 2x exp coupon πŸ˜›

And yes that is the ORIGINAL “BlackWings” guild πŸ™‚


Archer Hero Class

Well obviously this picture is fake, but i found the picture quite interesting!!

And what are the other Heroes going to be!

Aran was released, followed by Evan (Hero’s Successor), obviously what is left is an Archer a Theif and a Pirate.

MapleStory KMS Chaos: Part 3 Update (λŒ€λ‚œνˆ¬)

The Final Update of Chaos is coming (13th of January) this comes with PvP!! πŸ˜€

Nexon Released a Trailer for the PvP update, its all animated and i wish this was a TV series!!