MapleStory Mercedes Mount and More!!

Go to MapleStory Classes>Heroes>Mercedes for Skills and more Information


New images from a Nexon Press Conference!

The New Mercedes Mount!


All heroes gain a new town (Eyurel):


Demon Slayers weild new weapons a one-handed axe/mace and a force shield.


Demon Slayer has Wings from Lv.70 this replaces the Mount


Cannon Shooter  7/7

Mercedes on 21/7

Demon Slayer on 4/8



4 Responses to MapleStory Mercedes Mount and More!!

  1. DemonSlayer says:

    The demon slayer class sounds awesome, i cant wait to get it in maple global, i have a lvl 102 page already and a lvl 71 battle mage, ive heard that this class is the combination of both the fighting style is more similar to a battle mage however.

  2. your fans says:

    can’t wait until mercedes

  3. BlackStealth08 says:

    I Personaly think Mercades are the best but I I loke all 3 alot. I currently have me a 153 Bishop and 130 Mech a 120BW and UA, and like 3 lv 80’s and a 90 Evan.

    I;m genna have to buy sum chracter slots just to make them :/ o well i prolly have enought money to buy sum slots by then, cuz they wotn be out till next yr 😛

  4. weirdo says:

    cant wait for GMS cannoneer

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