MapleStory Mercedes Update!

The new TV CF for “Mercedes” class has been revealed, yes thats right its on TV!

Also there have been numerous skill changes to the Mercedes class here they are:

3rd Job

  • Unicorn Spike: Attack range was increased.
  • Gust Dive: Damage has been increased from 190% to 195%.
  • MOVED SKILL: Highkick Demolition (now a third job skill): Can only be used after Charge Drive. Fly towards your enemies in the air and hit them extremely fast.
    At max level (15), hits 8 enemies for 120% damage 6 times.
  • Elemental Knight: Each knight now has a different effect. The ice knight now has a chance to freeze enemies, the fire knight inflicts DoT damage, and the dark knight hits more damage than the other two. Now randomly summons 1 out of the 3. There is a 120 second cooldown at max. (you can only have one knight out at a time now)
  • Water Shield: Effect was renewed.
  • DELETED SKILL: Lightning Flare

4th Job

  • NEW SKILL: Edge Spiral: Move forward instantaneously and attack many enemies in your path.
    At max level (30), hits 8 enemies for 435% damage 3 times. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • NEW SKILL: Rolling Moonsault: Must be used after Charge Drive. Rapidly spin in the air, hitting floating enemies for continuous damage. You can use Acrobatic Jump, Leap Tornado, or Gust Dive after this skill.
    At max level (20), hits 8 enemies for 190% damage 6 times.
  • Ishtar’s Ring: Effect was changed back to the first one.
  • Legendary Spear: Mob count was increased from 8 to 12.
  • Ancient Spirit: Now as a prerequisite of 5 Ignis Lore.
  • MOVED SKILL: Highkick Demolition
  • DELETED SKILL: Multi Sniping

I will update the Mercedes Skills page, and i will be finishing of the Adventurers skill tables too.

The Mercedes class is coming out in 2 Days! Get READY!



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