Demon Slayer!

BtDemonslayer KR.png

Thats right! Demon Slayer is released in KMST, you can check the skills in

MapleStory Class >> Resistance >> Demon Slayer

Also Demon Slayer use “Scepters” but can also use One Handed BW/Axe

With that they equip “Force Shields” (These are untradeable)

Skills now available at in MapleStory Classes>>Resistance>>Demon Slayer


MapleStory Mercedes Mount and More!!

Go to MapleStory Classes>Heroes>Mercedes for Skills and more Information


New images from a Nexon Press Conference!

The New Mercedes Mount!


All heroes gain a new town (Eyurel):


Demon Slayers weild new weapons a one-handed axe/mace and a force shield.


Demon Slayer has Wings from Lv.70 this replaces the Mount


Cannon Shooter  7/7

Mercedes on 21/7

Demon Slayer on 4/8


MapleStory Legend!

MapleStory Legend! is an three patch update, in which 3 classes will be released these are, Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and Demon Slayer.

Heres a Trailer:

Cannon Shooter is an Adventurer like Dual Blade, its a Pirate class that has a Monkey companion.

Mercedes is a NEW Hero class (i waited a long time for this) Mercedes is the Queen of the Elves who helped Aran and Freed battle against the Black Mage but again like all the heroes, she was frozen and re-awoke with all her powers missing, here is a Tutorial video:

Demon Slayer is a Resistance Warrior class, they once worked with the Black Wings but now left and joined the Resistance, there MP Gauge is replaced with a Force Gauge.


MapleStory Wild Hunter: Jaira

Yay ^_^ i got Jaira XD

this was actually taken awhile ago, didn’t really want to post it XD

New Class: The Resistance

The Resistance is a class of three Battle Mage, Wild Hunter and Mechanic, Battle Mage and Wild Hunter will be released on the main servers on the 22/07/2010 while the Mechanic class will be released 12/08/2010. (dates are not 100% accurate).

They Battle Mage and Wild Hunter were released on the 14/07/2010 in KMST Edelstein and Leben Mine were added aswell.

The Maple World was also Updated to include Edelstein.

Map of Edelstein and Leben Mine

I will be also updating ALL the job pages so you guys can see more information.

MapleStory Evan Hack (Weirdest Thing ever 0.0)

This guy was loosing 1hp every second!

New Class: Dual Blade

A new class is soon to come out not sure if its already out in KMST or KMS because i can’t download it sob T-T anyways its a Theif class not Archer like everyone thought it would be here is the story.

The previous Dark Lord had a student named Jin and a daughter, Sulhee.
Basically what happened was that the friend of the previous Dark Lord, Tristan, requested help to kill Balrog.

Unfortunately, Dark Lord got turned into a monster by Balrog and his student Jin had to kill Dark Lord because he was attacking Kerning City.
The daughter of the previous Dark Lord, Sulhee, saw the dead body of her father brought by Jin.

She thought that Jin framed him and killed him because of his position. (Although, she loved Jin, but she is stupid and thinks that way)
So Jin became the next Dark Lord and Sulhee created a secret dark organization to go against Jin.

Now the rogues are disappearing from Kerning City by Sulhee’s command to recruit them to Dual Blade to fight against Jin.

credits to Spadow

New items were also added mastery books equips and monster added too.

Dual Blade isnt a Hero class it is an Adventurer as you can see Green in KMS means Adventurer

   More Information coming soon at the time why not watch some of my videos