Episode 1

[GMS] BOSS! is a new TEST series there will be a total of five episodes, here is episode one, new content coming soon so stay tuned, enjoy πŸ™‚


Wow NEXON sure got lazy here.

This is currently “Eural” of course it’s in its testing so it SHOULD look much better by the 21st, I was also expecting “Eural” to be either in Ossyria or an Island completely by itself.


I am back, i probably think not many people are still following this blog anymore, just wait πŸ™‚

MapleStory Still having 2x EXP

I recently went onto an old account of mine and found thatΒ i have a 2x exp coupon πŸ˜›

And yes that is the ORIGINAL “BlackWings” guild πŸ™‚

Archer Hero Class

Well obviously this picture is fake, but i found the picture quite interesting!!

And what are the other Heroes going to be!

Aran was released, followed by Evan (Hero’s Successor), obviously what is left is an Archer a Theif and a Pirate.

Blog Update #1

I’ll be finishing off MOST of the currently unfinished pages on my blog before The 5th of January. (FAILED)


On all my Class/job pages there will be symbol representing them.

Image:Rith icon.png Adventurer (Includes Dual Blade)

Image:Ereb icon.png Cygnus Knight

Image:Rien icon.png Aran

Image:Farm icon.png Evan


They will also be builds for a LOT of the Classes/jobs, I hope to finish the world tour area, add Chryse to the Theme Dungeons too.

New Header:

New Background:

A video will be coming soon.

At the moment im focusing on leveling my Wild Hunter to 70 for the Resistance Ring.

Happy Mapling πŸ™‚

MapleStory Korean Cash Shop Item

Today i was looking in the Cash Shop and found this really weird Korean Item in GMS!

Heres the Pic: