KMS 1.2.139: Birth of the Alliance & Cross Hunter PT.1!


This patch is the last of the “Legend” Updates, this comes with Akyrum, Aran/Evan Revamp, New maps and Cross Hunter!

First things first! The birth of the Alliance!

All classes/jobs have allied together to fight against the Black Magician, as you can see in the below picture most Job instructors are here!

For being part of the Alliance you will recieve two things, a medal and a skill!

Alliance Member medal gives 500 HP and MP, and the Alliance’s Will gives you 5+ to all Stats and 5+ to ATK & M.ATK.

Cross Hunter (Just like Silent Crusade in GMS) has arrived!

Unlike in GMS, Cross Hunter is only available to those of lv75+ you must complete a series of chain quests!

Master Monsters have appeared around the world you can find them in “Mystic Gates” the aim of the Cross Hunter is to eliminate these Monsters and keep the Maple World safe!

Updating more info in the next post! (Hero Revamp!)


KMST ver. 1.2.398: Past Leafre/New Boss/Mobs

Sorry i haven’t been posting for awhile but here it is!

A new area has been released in “Temple of Time” it is called “Past Leafre” and contains one boss, “Akyrum” one of the generals of the Black Wing!

Remember this?

This new area of Temple of Time will be set back 100 Years, i believe it will include parts of the tutorial of the Demon Slayer.

The new Boss Akyrum

Mob Akyrum.png

Level: 170
HP: 2,100,000,000
EXP: 50,000,000
Physical Attack: 10,000
Magical Attack: 20,000
Knockback: 99,999,999
WDEF: 55%
MDEF: 60%
Avoid: 300
Accuracy: 600

Credits to Spadow for the Video~



































Fallen Wyvern
Level: 123
HP: 222,000
Physical Attack: 1937
Magical Attack: 1930
Knockback: 1800
WDEF: 20%
MDEF: 20%
Avoid: 115
Accuracy: 423

Fallen Cornian
Level: 125
HP: 230,000
Physical Attack: 2108
Magical Attack: 2061
Knockback: 1800
WDEF: 20%
MDEF: 20%
Avoid: 115
Accuracy: 423
Elements: Poison strong

Fallen Skelegon
Level: 127
HP: 240,000
Physical Attack: 2295
Magical Attack: 2244
Knockback: 2000
WDEF: 20%
MDEF: 20%
Avoid: 115
Accuracy: 423
Elements: Holy weak, Dark strong

Fallen Kentaurus
Level: 124
HP: 226,000
EXP: 4102
Physical Attack: 2116
Magical Attack: 2030
Knockback: 1800
WDEF: 20%
MDEF: 20%
Avoid: 115
Accuracy: 423
Elements: Holy weak, Dark strong

Alien Priest
Level: 140
HP: 5,000,000
EXP: 155,500
Physical Attack: 4370
Magical Attack: 4575
Knockback: 2800
WDEF: 99%
MDEF: 30%
Avoid: 115
Accuracy: 423

Cheif Fallen Time Guardian
Level: 164
HP: 370,000
EXP: 5653
Physical Attack: 4452
Magical Attack: 4847
Knockback: 5000
WDEF: 20%
MDEF: 20%
Avoid: 180
Accuracy: 640
Elements: Poison weak, Ice weak, Lightning weak

Fallen Time Monk Trainee
Level: 166
HP: 390,000
EXP: 5916
Physical Attack: 4755
Magical Attack: 5627
Knockback: 5500
WDEF: 5%
MDEF: 5%
Avoid: 180
Accuracy: 640
Elements: Poison weak, Ice weak, Lightning weak

Names aren’t Accurate, Stay tuned for more updates.

Demon Slayer!

BtDemonslayer KR.png

Thats right! Demon Slayer is released in KMST, you can check the skills in

MapleStory Class >> Resistance >> Demon Slayer

Also Demon Slayer use “Scepters” but can also use One Handed BW/Axe

With that they equip “Force Shields” (These are untradeable)

Skills now available at in MapleStory Classes>>Resistance>>Demon Slayer

MapleStory Mercedes Update!

The new TV CF for “Mercedes” class has been revealed, yes thats right its on TV!

Also there have been numerous skill changes to the Mercedes class here they are:

3rd Job

  • Unicorn Spike: Attack range was increased.
  • Gust Dive: Damage has been increased from 190% to 195%.
  • MOVED SKILL: Highkick Demolition (now a third job skill): Can only be used after Charge Drive. Fly towards your enemies in the air and hit them extremely fast.
    At max level (15), hits 8 enemies for 120% damage 6 times.
  • Elemental Knight: Each knight now has a different effect. The ice knight now has a chance to freeze enemies, the fire knight inflicts DoT damage, and the dark knight hits more damage than the other two. Now randomly summons 1 out of the 3. There is a 120 second cooldown at max. (you can only have one knight out at a time now)
  • Water Shield: Effect was renewed.
  • DELETED SKILL: Lightning Flare

4th Job

  • NEW SKILL: Edge Spiral: Move forward instantaneously and attack many enemies in your path.
    At max level (30), hits 8 enemies for 435% damage 3 times. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • NEW SKILL: Rolling Moonsault: Must be used after Charge Drive. Rapidly spin in the air, hitting floating enemies for continuous damage. You can use Acrobatic Jump, Leap Tornado, or Gust Dive after this skill.
    At max level (20), hits 8 enemies for 190% damage 6 times.
  • Ishtar’s Ring: Effect was changed back to the first one.
  • Legendary Spear: Mob count was increased from 8 to 12.
  • Ancient Spirit: Now as a prerequisite of 5 Ignis Lore.
  • MOVED SKILL: Highkick Demolition
  • DELETED SKILL: Multi Sniping

I will update the Mercedes Skills page, and i will be finishing of the Adventurers skill tables too.

The Mercedes class is coming out in 2 Days! Get READY!


MapleStory Mercedes Mount and More!!

Go to MapleStory Classes>Heroes>Mercedes for Skills and more Information


New images from a Nexon Press Conference!

The New Mercedes Mount!


All heroes gain a new town (Eyurel):


Demon Slayers weild new weapons a one-handed axe/mace and a force shield.


Demon Slayer has Wings from Lv.70 this replaces the Mount


Cannon Shooter  7/7

Mercedes on 21/7

Demon Slayer on 4/8


MapleStory Legend!

MapleStory Legend! is an three patch update, in which 3 classes will be released these are, Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and Demon Slayer.

Heres a Trailer:

Cannon Shooter is an Adventurer like Dual Blade, its a Pirate class that has a Monkey companion.

Mercedes is a NEW Hero class (i waited a long time for this) Mercedes is the Queen of the Elves who helped Aran and Freed battle against the Black Mage but again like all the heroes, she was frozen and re-awoke with all her powers missing, here is a Tutorial video:

Demon Slayer is a Resistance Warrior class, they once worked with the Black Wings but now left and joined the Resistance, there MP Gauge is replaced with a Force Gauge.


Updates! to MapleStory and Nexon!

Nexon has just recently released there NEW browser game called “MapleStory Adventures” heres a trailer:

MapleStory GLOBAL released trailers for the upcoming update “MapleStory Chaos” here are some trailers:

Now this is pretty different from the Korean version much shorter and has less battle scenes.

Aswell they released a trailer for the “Door of Time”

Nexon updated their website, like the new look?