Pirate/Cannon Shooter

Image:Rith icon.png

Beginner Job

  • Expert of Inventory: Increase the amount of slots in equip, use, etc, and set-up.
    At max level (2?), gives 24 extra slots.
  • Expert of Swimming: Swim and jump faster in the water.
  • Pirate Bless: Cannon Shooters have a unique strength that increases all stats. (Link Skill)
    Gives 15 to all stats and 5% HP & MP.

First Job

  • Cannon Splasher: Shoot a fireball that hits up to three enemies.
    At max level (20), hits 225% damage on up to 3 monsters.
  • Punching Cannon: Punch with your cannon to hit close-by enemies.
    At max level (20), hits up to 6 monsters 3 times for 95% damage.
  • Gigantic Backstep: Shoot yourself backwards in an emergency using cannon fire. There is a chance to slow down your enemies.
    At max level (15), hits up to 3 enemies for  210% damage, with a 70% chance to slow them down by 60 speed for 5 seconds.
  • Buildup Cannon: An improvement to the cannon that permanently increases attack and defense.
    At max level (10), increase weapon attack by 20 and weapon defense/magic defense by 250.
Second Job
  • Slug Shot: Attack many enemies in front of you by shooting many small bullets.
    At max level (20), hit up to 4 monsters for 220% damage two times.
  • Monkey Rush Boom: Roll a barrel filled with explosives at your enemies. The barrel will knockback your enemies then explode.
    At max level (20), hits 50% damage 3 times on up to 8 monsters. Has a 100% chance of knockback and does 300% damage upon exploding.
  • Cannon Booster: Use up MP to increase the speed of your cannon by 2 stages. (Prerequisite – 5 Cannon Mastery)
    At max level (20), lasts for 200 seconds.
  • Monkey Magic: For a certain period of time, Monkey’s magic will increase you and your party members’ HP, MP, all stats, speed, jump, accuracy, and avoid. Stacks with other skills.
    At max level (20), lasts 300 seconds and increases HP & MP by 300, all stats by 20, speed by 10, jump by 5, and accuracy and avoid by 160.
  • Critical Fire: Permanently increase your critical chance and minimum critical damage.
    At max level (15), increases critical chance by 20% and minimum critical damage by 10%.
  • Cannon Mastery: Increase your mastery over the cannon and your accuracy.
    At max level (20), increases weapon mastery by 50% and accuracy by 120.
  • Pirate Training: Improve your strength and dexterity through the pirate’s secret training.
    At max level (10), increases str and dex by 30.
Third Job
  • Cannon Spike: Shoot a giant spike that can go through many enemies.
    At max level (20), hits 6 monsters for 260% damage 3 times.
  • Monkey Power Boom: Explode many bombs at the same time, attacking many enemies and stunning them for a certain period of time. Passively increases the damage of Monkey Rush Boom. (Prerequisite – 20 Monkey Rush Boom)
    At max level (20), hits 10 monsters for 280% damage 5 times, with a 95% chance to stun the enemy for 4 seconds. Passively increases Monkey Rush Boom’s damage by 30%. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • Monkey Wave: Use noise to attack enemies. Collect power to create a bigger noise, does most damage when a critical is hit.
    At max level (20), hits a maximum of 1000% damage with a 95% chance to stun. There is a 20% chance to do the most damage when you hit a critical.
  • Cannon Jump: The cannon is aimed at the ground and pushes you upward. Nearby enemies will take damage.
    At max level (15), hits 6 enemies for 210% damage before jumping.
  • Oak Barrel Roulette: Detonate a barrel to receive a random buff. Enemies who attack you while this buff is active may be inflicted with a status effect.
    At max level (10), the buff lasts 240 seconds. When attacked, there is a 30% chance of the enemy being inflicted with the status effect you rolled (darkness, stun, freeze, or slow) for 5 seconds. There is a 30 second cooldown.
  • Lucky Dice: Throw a dice to try your luck. Depending on the outcome of the dice, you recieve a buff for a certain period of time. However, if the roll turns out to be a 1, you get nothing.
    At max level (20), the buff lasts 180 seconds and there is a 200 second cooldown. (For buffs, see bottom of the page)
  • Reinforce Cannon: Permanently increase your cannon’s attack and attacking speed.
    At max level (15), weapon attack is increased by 30 and attacking speed is increased by one stage.
  • Vital Extreme: Permanently increase your HP, defense, and resistance to states.
    At max level (20), increases HP by 20%, defense by 50%, and resistance to states by 20%.
  • Shooter’s Counter-Attack: When attacked by an enemy, there is a chance to swing your cannon and perform a counter-attack.
    At max level (15), there is a 20% chance to counter-attack for 160% damage.
Fourth Job
  • Cannon Bazooka: Fire a powerful cannon to attack multiple enemies in front of you.
    At max level (30),  hits 6 enemies for 650% damage two times.
  • Cannon Buster: Concentrate your attacks on one enemy in front of you. Critical chance is increased.
    At max level (30), hits for 305% damage 5 times with an extra 15% chance of critical.
  • Battleship Nautilus: Call the battleship Nautilus to strike down many enemies at the same time.
    At max level (30), hits 15 enemies for 520% damage 3 times. There is a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Magnetic Anchor: A giant anchor is placed on the ground which creates its own magnetic field. The anchor attracts enemies and damages them. At the end of the duration of the skill, the anchor will self destruct and deal high damage to enemies.
    At max level (15), lasts for 20 seconds hitting enemies for 500% damage. Hits 620% damage when it explodes.
  • Support Monkey Twins: Summon two elite monkey twins to help you fight.
    At max level (15), lasts for 60 seconds and each monkey hits 350% damage. There is a cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Maple Warrior: Increase the stats of all party members by a certain percentage.
    At max level (30), increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds.
  • Hero’s Will: Focuses to break free from a state.
    At max level (5), cooldown of 360 seconds.
  • Double Lucky Dice: There is a chance to throw two dice at the same time. You receive the buffs of both numbers, and if you roll doubles, you get an enhanced buff. (Prerequisite – 20 Lucky Dice)
    At max level (5), 50% chance to activate when using Lucky Dice. The dice buff’s duration is 200 seconds. There is a cooldown of 200 seconds. (For buffs, see bottom of the page)
  • Hyper Monkey Spell: Monkey Magic is upgraded. (Prerequisite – 20 Monkey Magic)
    At max level (30),  lasts 300 seconds and increases HP & MP by 700, all stats by 40, speed by 15, jump by 10, and avoid and accuracy by 250.
  • Overburning Cannon: The cannon’s power is extremely improved, permanently increasing damage. Also, ignore some of the target’s defense.
    At max level (30), permanently increases damage by 40% and ignore 20% of the target’s defense.
  • Pirate Spirit: Permanently increases the chance of counter-attacking and also gives a stance effect.
    At max level (30), lasts 300 seconds with an 80% chance of stance when being attacked. Counter-Attack’s chance to activate is increased by 15%.

Lucky Dice & Double Lucky Dice Buffs (if you get two different singles, you get both buffs)

  • 1: Nothing
  • 1/1: Nothing
  • 2: 30% def
  • 2/2: 40% def
  • 3: 20% HP/MP
  • 3/3: 30% HP/MP
  • 4: 15% critical
  • 4/4: 25% critical
  • 5: 20% damage
  • 5/5: 30% damage
  • 6: 30% exp
  • 6/6: 40% exp

Information from: http://orangemushroom.wordpress.com/


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