Wind Archer

Image:Ereb icon.png
MS Skill Critical Shot.png
Critical Shot: Launches a critical attack with a given success rate.
MS Skill The Eye of Amazon.png
The Eye of Amazon: Increases the range of attack for bows and crossbows.
MS Skill Focus.png
Focus: Focusing to temporarily increase accuracy and evasion.
Double Shot: Double Shot fires two arrows at once against one monster. Critical Shot applies separately to each of the arrows fired.
Wind Spirit: Summons the Guardian Fairy to attack monsters nearby.
MS Skill Bow Mastery.png
Bow Mastery: Increases the bow mastery and accuracy. It only applies when a bow is in hand.
MS Skill Bow Booster.png
Bow Booster: Uses MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the bow. It only works with a bow in hand.
Thrust: Boosts up the moving speed.
Final Attack: Consecutive attack is activated by using a pre-established amount of MP after applying the attack skill at a regular interval. It only applies when the bow is equipped in hand.
Soul Arrow: Soul Arrow allows the caster to temporarily fire arrows from a bow without consuming any projectiles. Attack bonuses from held arrows, if available, are void.
Storm Break: Cast Damage to monsters in a close distance and Knock-back to far away.
Wind Walk: Temporarily hides one’s self from the monsters. Attacking an opponent in the state of Wind Walk can inflict additional damage.
MS Skill Arrow Rain.png
Arrow Rain: Fires a number of arrows into the sky, attacking upto 6 monsters at once on its way down. Only available when equipped with a bow.
Strafe: Fires 4 arrows at an enemy.
Bow Expert: Increases the crossbow mastery as well as weapon attack.
Hurricane: Fires away arrows at a tremendous speed, as chaotic as a nasty rainstorm.
Puppet: Temporarily summons a puppet, which takes all the attacks from the monsters instead.
Eagle Eye: Transforms into Eagle Eye, a heroic figure who was able to use his bow more freely and skillfully than anyone else for 120 seconds. This will enhance the character’s Speed and Jump stats and allow the character to use the exclusive skills of Eagle Eye.
Wind Piercing: Inflicts a significant damage on multiple monsters at once with a single powerful blow. Available only during the character’s transformed state of Eagle Eye.
Wind Shot: Fires 3 arrows to inflict damage on monsters. Available only during the character’s transformed state of Eagle Eye.

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