MapleStory Legend!

MapleStory Legend! is an three patch update, in which 3 classes will be released these are, Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and Demon Slayer.

Heres a Trailer:

Cannon Shooter is an Adventurer like Dual Blade, its a Pirate class that has a Monkey companion.

Mercedes is a NEW Hero class (i waited a long time for this) Mercedes is the Queen of the Elves who helped Aran and Freed battle against the Black Mage but again like all the heroes, she was frozen and re-awoke with all her powers missing, here is a Tutorial video:

Demon Slayer is a Resistance Warrior class, they once worked with the Black Wings but now left and joined the Resistance, there MP Gauge is replaced with a Force Gauge.



Updates! to MapleStory and Nexon!

Nexon has just recently released there NEW browser game called “MapleStory Adventures” heres a trailer:

MapleStory GLOBAL released trailers for the upcoming update “MapleStory Chaos” here are some trailers:

Now this is pretty different from the Korean version much shorter and has less battle scenes.

Aswell they released a trailer for the “Door of Time”

Nexon updated their website, like the new look?


I am back, i probably think not many people are still following this blog anymore, just wait 🙂

MapleStory Still having 2x EXP

I recently went onto an old account of mine and found that i have a 2x exp coupon 😛

And yes that is the ORIGINAL “BlackWings” guild 🙂

Archer Hero Class

Well obviously this picture is fake, but i found the picture quite interesting!!

And what are the other Heroes going to be!

Aran was released, followed by Evan (Hero’s Successor), obviously what is left is an Archer a Theif and a Pirate.

MapleStory KMS Chaos: Part 3 Update (대난투)

The Final Update of Chaos is coming (13th of January) this comes with PvP!! 😀

Nexon Released a Trailer for the PvP update, its all animated and i wish this was a TV series!!

MapleStory KMS Chaos: Part 2 Update

A Technological Age (5 new professional skill systems will be added. When players reach level 30, they can Farm Herbs, Ores, Forge Equipment, use Alchemy, and Accessories)

Well lets start of with, What Are Profession Skills?

Profession skills are skills that go into your “Beginner Skill” slot, Any character of Level 30 or over can learn them, they are like the deleted “Maker Skill”.

Here are FIVE currently available profession skills.

1. Herbalism: Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in maps. With that, you can make herb oils, items and potions. With herb oil and ores, you can create equipment.

2. Mining: Use the metals and jewels that you have mined to make items, potions and ores.

3. Equipment Forging: Use herb oils and ores to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.
4. Jewelry Making: Use herb oils and ores to make accessories. (rings, belts, necklaces etc.)

5. Alchemy: Use herb oils and refined ores to create your own potions and equipment items. You can also break items.

Where would i learn these Skills?

You learn these skills in Meisterville.













To enter Meisterville you need to go into the portal which is found in every Major Town.
















When you reach level 30 or above you can learn TWO out of the FIVE profession skills from the following masters:

Master of Collecting (Herbalism): Stachel



Master of Alchemy: Karien



Master of Mining: Nobum


Master of Blacksmithing (Equipment production): Eisen


Master of Jewel Crafting (Accessory production): Meltz

What Happens when you arrive at Meisterville?

You talk to the Himmel The Headmaster where he tells you to make a choice of what you want to learn.

There are combinations of what to learn (how annoying :L)

Herbalism & Alchemy
Mining & Jewel Crafting
Mining & Blacksmithing


In mining you obtain a Pickaxe from Nobum, you can mine almost anywhere around the Maple-World.


With herbalism, you find plants and obtain them to make Plant Oil which makes Potions in Alchemy.

If your Profession skill is either Mining or Herbalism you obtain a Bag.

(Meaning everyone gets one)

The bag will originally come in FOUR-slots but can later be upgraded.

If you suddenly decide that you want a NEW profession you can “forget” the current one and learn a new set.

There is a limit on how much you can Mine/Collect/Create, this comes in as the “Fatigue System”

Each Rock you mine or Herb you collect it costs ONE fatigue point.

You can also decrease your fatigue points by buying Potions from the Meisterville pot NPC, There two potions.

The first decreases 10 points and costs, 1,000,000 mesos

The second decreases 5 points and costs, 300,000 mesos

you can only use THREE potions a day.

More info later and definatly more videos XD