Introduction to the Profession System

Lets Start of with:

What is a Profession?
Profession skills are special skill you can learn starting from level 30. You can learn two skill at a time. There is 5 different skill you can choose from. You could also give up on the skill to learn a new skill, but you will lose all your experience from that skill.


consists of Herbalism and Mining.

Herbalism: Allows you to gather flowers and seeds to create herbal oil which you can use in item and potion production.
– To learn Herbalism, you must talk to NPC Saffron, who will ask for a small fee and then lead you through a tutorial and a short quest in order to gain the skill.
– Herbalism is the prerequisite for learning Alchemy.

Mining: Allows you to gather gems and ores to create refined ores which you can use to craft items and potions.
– To learn Mining, you must talk to NPC Cole, who will ask for a small fee and then lead you through a tutorial and a short quest in order to gain the skill.
– Mining is the prerequisite for learning Smithing and Accessory Crafting.


Once you have learned either Herbalism or Mining, you will be able to take on one Crafting skill —  Smithing, Accessory Crafting, or Alchemy.

Smithing: Allows you to create various armors and weapons using refined ore.
– To learn Smithing, you must first learn Mining, then speak to NPC Gere.

Accessory Crafting: Allows you to create various pendants, shoulder accessories, rings and other trinkets using refined ore.
– To learn Accessory Crafting, you must first learn Mining, then speak to NPC Intaglio.

Alchemy: Allows you to create buff potions and transformation potions using herb oil.
– To learn Alchemy, you must first learn Herbalism, then speak to NPC Ally.

Once you have learned Smithing, Accessory Crafting, or Alchemy, get started putting your new Production skills to use! Press the [B] key to see the items you can create as well as the materials (and sometimes recipes) required for each. To begin, you will need to head to the machine that corresponds to your particular skill.

• For Smithing, go to the Large Forge behind Gere.
• For Accessory Crafting, head over to the Large Gem Crafting Machine behind Intaglio.
• For Alchemy, head to the large Magic Book behind Ally.

How Do you Get a Profession?

Once reaching level 30, search for this portal:

You can reach this portal through almost any town.

Upon arrival you talk to NPC “Himmel The Headmaster” where he tells you to make a choice of what you want to learn.

He will help/guide you to obtain your profession, after some talking he will tell you to go talk to the Profession Masters.

Master of Collecting (Herbalism): Stachel

Master of Alchemy: Karien

Master of Mining: Nobum

Master of Blacksmithing (Equipment production): Eisen

Master of Jewel Crafting (Accessory production): Meltz
But you can’t just choose any Professions, the Professions are in combinations:

Herbalism + Alchemy
Mining + Jewel Crafting
Mining + Blacksmithing


With herbalism, you find plants and obtain them to make Plant Oil which makes Potions in Alchemy.


In mining you obtain a Pickaxe from Nobum, you can mine almost anywhere around the Maple-World.

No matter which profession you choose, you will obtain a Bag.

The bag comes with FOUR slots, but can later be upgraded.

What If i picked the wrong Profession?

Not to worry, if you decide you chose the wrong profession, you can “Forget” the current one and learn a new set!

Fatigue System

There is a limit on how much you can Mine/Collect/Create, this comes in as the “Fatigue System”

Each Rock you mine or Herb you collect it costs ONE fatigue point.

You can also decrease your fatigue points by buying Potions from the Meisterville pot NPC, There two potions.

The first decreases 10 points and costs, 1,000,000 mesos

The second decreases 5 points and costs, 300,000 mesos

you can only use THREE potions a day.


The system is comprised of six stats: Ambition, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, Empathy and Charm. Each stat can be obtained and improved by completing different non-combat quests and activities, and provide helpful boosts to your character.

            – Increased by defeating boss monsters.
– Effect: Increases your Attack for Battle mode.

            – Increased by mining gems and ores and using Magnifying Glasses.
– Effect: Increases your Accuracy and Avoidability and allows you to check Hidden Potential items without the use of Magnifying Glasses.

            – Increased by the amount of time spent logged in, as well as by completing party quests.
– Effect: Increases Weapon Defense and Magic Defense, and builds resistance to abnormal status effects.

            – Increased by making items.
– Effect: Increases scroll success rates and doubles mastery gain.

            – Increased by gathering herbs.
– Effect: Increases your Max MP and Quest EXP.

            – Increases in relation to Fame and by equipping special items.
– Effect: Adds a Pocket slot to the Equip Inventory and gives a Facial Expression Cash Item.

Each Trait has 100 levels, and like Professions, you can track your progress by clicking the [B] key. Data relating to your Traits is located on the right-hand side of the window.


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