Aqua Road

Aqua Road is an area located on Ossyria accessible by descending Orbis Tower. Aqua Road is entirely underwater, allowing players to swim. It contains only one town, Aquarium. Aqua Road has a dungeon area that contains some of the toughest monsters in the game. In this area, the boss monster Pianus can be found.

Accessible from two different points, the Aqua Road Dungeon contains some of the strongest monsters in the game. There are two separate “paths” to the dungeon that both open up into a single map.

One path contains Bone Fishes. The other path contains Squids and Risell Squids. Both paths contain Bombing Fish Houses, which, when killed, release a mob of about six Gobies.

Each path has two separate maps, the second of which opens up into a map that contains Sharks and Cold Sharks. On this map is a hidden entrance to a map that contains Flyeyes, which subsequently opens up into The Cave of Pianus, where a boss monster, Pianus, appears.

Aqua Road.png


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