El Nath Mts.

El Nath Mountains is one of the seven Ossyrian regions that encompasses the cities of Orbis and El Nath.

El Nath Mts.png

Dead Mine is one of the strongest dungeons in Maple World.

Once Maplers pass the cliffs, they will arrive at the Forest of Dead Trees. These maps, containing Coolie Zombies, are highly popular training areas.

By entering the hidden portal at the end of the last forest, players will be transported into the mine. These maps contain Miner Zombies, a different version of those in the forest, along with the winged Flyeyes.

At the very end of the mine, there is a magma cave. If a Mapler drops into the magma, it will injure him/her.

At the very end of the dungeon resides Zakum, and the corrupted Chaos Zakum, where any party can wait to enter the Zakum Party Quest, or if they’re especially brave, choose to battle either Zakum or Chaos Zakum at their altar.

Deep Mine.png



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