Victoria Island

Victoria Island is one of the four major continents in MapleStory. It contains a total of eight towns, and two themed dungeons. The majority of the island contains monsters that are easy to kill at lower levels, though some areas contain stronger monsters that are suitable for higher-leveled players.

After Big Bang, The Black Mage cast a spell on Victoria Island, rearranging it, so that players can maneuver around the island easily.


Nautilus is the newest established city to be introduced with a job on Victoria Island and became the third port city of the island. The city has a high foreign NPC population. The city had many revisions as the city attracts more Maplers to become Pirates. Nautilus has a special warp portal that will transport Maplers with possession of the Warp Ticket to and fro Nautilus and Omega Sector.

The Nautilus has a captain, Kyrin. Her purpose of coming to Victoria Island was to inform the people of Victoria Island that the Black Mage is coming, and that they must prepare for the worst.

MS Nautilus.png


Henesys icon.png Henesys

Farm icon.png Farm

Ellinia icon.png Ellinia

Eurel icon.png Eural

Perion icon.png Perion

KerningCity icon.png Kerning City

SecretFlower icon.png The Secret Garden

Rith icon.png  Lith Harbor

Dungeon icon.png Sleepywood

Nautilus icon.png Nautilus

MushCatle icon.png Mushroom Castle (More Information at: )

101Building icon.png Kerning Square

Kerning Square is a nerfed area of Taipei 101, which was removed and replaced with this in TMS. The monsters here are from Night Market, and Taipei 101 itself. The monsters of Night Market resides at the lower levels of Kerning Square, whilst the ones from Taipei 101 are found at the upper levels.

More Information at:

Kerning Square.png


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