KMS 1.2.139: Birth of the Alliance & Cross Hunter PT.1!


This patch is the last of the “Legend” Updates, this comes with Akyrum, Aran/Evan Revamp, New maps and Cross Hunter!

First things first! The birth of the Alliance!

All classes/jobs have allied together to fight against the Black Magician, as you can see in the below picture most Job instructors are here!

For being part of the Alliance you will recieve two things, a medal and a skill!

Alliance Member medal gives 500 HP and MP, and the Alliance’s Will gives you 5+ to all Stats and 5+ to ATK & M.ATK.

Cross Hunter (Just like Silent Crusade in GMS) has arrived!

Unlike in GMS, Cross Hunter is only available to those of lv75+ you must complete a series of chain quests!

Master Monsters have appeared around the world you can find them in “Mystic Gates” the aim of the Cross Hunter is to eliminate these Monsters and keep the Maple World safe!

Updating more info in the next post! (Hero Revamp!)


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