Minar Forest

The Minar Forest a vast open forest filled with extremely powerful monsters, a canyon of dragons and a legendary Cave of Life.

You can obtain your Fourth Job Advancement here, and obtain numerous mounts, you can access Tera Forest, this region also leads to the Temple of Time.

Minar Forest.png

Neo City is a nerfed area of Neo Tokyo. It is another themed dungeon set in Minar Forest. In Tera Forest, there is another time gate like Ludibrium’s, which brings you to different time periods in the future. This area is limited only to level 70+ Maplers (changed to 100+ after Big Bang), and can only be accessible if you are in a party of at least 2 at all times. In any point of time your party member logs out, disconnects, leaves, or disbands the party, you will be sent back to Tera Forest immediately.

Neo City.png



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