Thief/Dual Blade

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Dual Blade is Limited Class in KMS and was available for 3 months while in GMS it has been stated that Dual Blade will be available to make all the time.

Here is an Awesome Teaser for Dual Blade

Go to for more videos



Nimble Body: Increases accuracy and avoidability by up to 20 points. Max is 20 points.

Disorder: Temporarily reduces enemy’s weapon attack and defense, and also causes it to lose its lock on a player. Max is 20 points.

Dark Sight: Prevents touch-based damage to the character at a cost of speed. Attacking, potions, and picking up items are disabled during the effect. Requires 3 points in Disorder. Max is 20 points. At max level, both Dark Sight and a speed bonus may coexist.

Double Stab: Uses a dagger to attack an enemy twice. Max is 20 points.

Semi Dualer

Blade Mastery: Increases the mastery and accuracy. This only applies when you have a dagger and blade equipped.

Triple Stab: Attack 3 times using dual blades.

Blade Booster: Use HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the dagger and blade. This only applies when you have a dagger and blade equipped.


Endure: Recovers additional amount of HP and MP.

Self Haste: Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability.

Fatal Blow: Use MP to attack one enemy up to 8 times.

Slash Storm: Use MP to attack multiple enemies multiple times.

Dual Master

Tornado Spin: Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: →→ or ←← and press the attack button.

Flash Bang: Toss a few flash bangs on the ground to decrease a number of your enemies’ accuracy for a duration.

Flash Jump: While in the air after a jump, use this skill + the arrow for a second jump. The higher the skill level, the farther the distance for the jump.


Bloody Storm: An advanced version of Slash Storm. Attack even more enemies quicker than before.

Advanced Dark Sight: Attack while in Dark Sight. With a certain probability, remain in dark sight after attacking.

Mirror Image: Focus for a period of time to summon your alternate self. Your alternate self will attack with you.

Owl Dead: If your owl attacks and kills the enemy, your next few attacks will be increased by 1.5 times.

Upper Stab: Pop your enemies into the air. While your enemies are in the air, they receive more damage.

Flying Assaulter: Attack in a downward, diagonal spiral to strike your enemies from above.

Dual Blader

File:MS Skill Final Cut.png Final Cut: [Maximum Level: 30]Charge up your power to launch a huge attack on your foes.

File:MS Skill Monster Bomb.png Monster Bomb: [Maximum Level: 30]Throw a sticky bomb which attaches to one of your enemies. After a short duration, it explodes causing damage to all mobs surrounding the bomb.

File:MS Skill Sudden Raid.png Sudden Raid: [Maximum Level: 30]Attack all monsters on the screen for huge amounts of damage

File:MS Skill Chains of Hell.png Chains of Hell: While in Dark Sight, fling a chain in front of you to attach it to a monster. Pull it close to you, then attack your opponent 12 times. Can be used in succession with Advanced Dark Sight (with advanced dark sight, you can keep using this attack as long as the 49% did not cancel your Dark Sight yet). Like an ultra assassinate of a bandit.

File:MS Skill Stack Effect.png Stack Effect: [Maximum Level: 30]Summons a puppet (your other self) for a certain amount of time. While the puppet is around, the monsters will attack the puppet, not you. Skills can be used only during Mirror image.

File:MS Skill Throns.png Thorns: [Maximum Level: 30]Chance of doing a critical attack. Party members can get this buff, but the chance is halved. When there is a better skill that gives critical, this buff will cancel.


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