Kerning Square

Kerning square is another theme dungeon based of world tour area Formosa Taipei 101 (taiwan).

It contains nerfed monsters making it a 15-50 dungeon with a boss  renamed as Rock Spirit.

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  • Lv. 35 Red Bubble Tea

  • Lv. 36 Yellow Bubble Tea

  • Lv. 37 Green Bubble Tea

  • Lv. 38 Yeti Doll Grab Machine

  • Lv. 35 Yeti Doll

  • Lv. 38  Jr. Pepe Doll Grab Machine

  • Lv. 35  Jr. Pepe Doll

  • Lv. 39 Transformation Doll Grab Machine

  • Lv. 40 Blue Perfume

  • Lv. 41 Yellow Perfume

  • Lv. 42 Pink Perfume

  • Lv. 42 Child Dummy

  • Lv. 43 Female Dummy

  • Lv. 44 Male Dummy

  • Lv. 45 Latest Music CD

  • Lv. 46 Old Pop Song CD

  • Lv. 47 Cheap AMP

  • Lv. 48 Useful AMP

  • Lv. 49 Rock Spirit

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1. You will get a quest from Jake. This quest requires you to go to Kerning Square. Go to the subway and click on the turnstile. Click the first option (bolded) and wait 10 seconds. Talk to Hyeokyi (혁이) to finish the quest and get 2400 exp.

2. Hyeokyi will give you a quest to talk to Lana  who is in the next map. You will receive 1320 exp.

3. Lana  will give you a quest to talk to Dongdong  who is in the rightmost part of the map. He will give you 1280 exp and another quest.

4. Dongdong will give you a quest to collect 30 pink/green tapioca bubbles, and 40 yellow tapioca bubbles from the bubble tea mobs. He will give you 14800 exp and another quest.

5. Dongdong  will want you to find a map. Once you find it, take it back to him and he will give you 13200 exp.

6. Lana, who you talked to before, will give you a quest to find Tina who is right on top of him. Talk to her and she will give you 1280 exp and another quest.

7. Tina  will give you a quest to get 50 yeti plushies, 50 pepe plushies, and 20 orange mushroom plushies. You can find these from the keychains/stronger versions that are summoned after killing the vending machine mobs. After collecting all the materials, she will give you 15300 exp.

8. Lana once again has a quest for you. You have to find Marshall  who is at the top of the map. He will give you 1280 exp.

9. Lana  will give you another quest, he wants some keys. After you find it, go back to the subway lobby and talk to the lockers. It will give you 13200 exp and a key.

10. The lockers will give you a quest to take the key to Marshall. Once you take it to him, he will give you 1560 exp.

11. Lana will give you a quest to talk to Lala. Find her and you’ll get 1280 exp.

12. Lala gives you a quest. She wants 50 bunny hats, wigs, and top hats. Upon completing this, you will get 16700 exp.

12. Lala  gives you another quest. This time, she wants 30 pink, purple, and yellow perfume bottles. Upon completing this, you will get 13900 exp.

13. The next three quests Lala gives you are basically the same. Every time, she will spray you with a perfume, after which you have 40 seconds to talk to Lana and see which he likes best. You get 2300 exp each quest.

14. Lana will give you a quest to collect 50 rainbow CDs and 50 normal CDs. You get 15100 exp for completing this quest.

15. The next quest you get is from Norma. He wants his MP3 player and 50 speakers killed. The reward for this quest is 14100 exp.

16. Norma gives you another quest in which he wants 50 cords. To get these cords, go back to Zune, enter the timed map again, but this time, go one map left. Kill the red speakers for the cords. The reward is 13200 exp.

17. Norma’s third quest is to collect 1 music sheet and kill 1 Rock Spirit. He is located in the third map, left of the red speakers. REMEMBER TO LISTEN TO THE SOUND AFTER THE BOSS DIES. IT IS VITAL FOR THE NEXT QUEST. The reward is 48500 exp.

18. After handing in the previous quest, you will have to listen to 3 sound clips (1, 2, and 3) then click the last option to choose which sound you heard after Rock Spirit died. You just type in the number, and only the number. If you get it wrong, you have to go kill him again, and listen. The sound MAY NOT be the same as the last time, so be careful. You get 32500 exp for this.

19. Norma’s  next quest is to take a book to Lana. You get 1320 exp for that.

20. Lana will give you a quest to talk to Hyeokyi, who will give you 37200 exp and the prize for completing the Kerning Square quest line.

EXTRA QUEST: This quest is from Zune. It is entirely optional, repeatable, and in my opinion, not needed. He wants 10 red VIP cards. They drop from anything inside the timed dungeon. After handing them in to him, you get warped to a dungeon (30 mins) in which the monsters have enhanced exp. They are the same monsters from the normal dungeon, but with more exp given.



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