Central Buisness District (short for CBD) is a city in Singapore. In this city, it features some of the Singapore’s landmarks. The black statue standing next to Changi Airport represents Sir Stamford Raffles, which is a important person who founded Singapore. The potion store sells many varieties of Singapore’s delicacy, such as Laksa and Durian. This map also have lots of recycle bins, which is a common sight in the present Singapore in CBD areas.

Boat Quay Town



Boat Quay Town is a famous location with the Singapore River close to the Merlion. Boat Quay Town is filled with restaurants. It can be accessed from CBD by walking to the portal at the top-right of Suburban Area 1.

Map Walkthrough (with Monsters):

Changi Airport: None

CBD: None

Central Way 1: Stopnow/Biner

Central Way 2: Stopnow/Biner/Nospeed/Batoo

Central Way 3: Nospeed/Batoo

Suburban Area 1: Freezer

Boat Quay Town: None

Mysterious Path 1: Tippo Red/Tippo Blue

Mysterious Path 2: Octobunny/Pac Pinky

Mysterious Path 3: Slimy/Selkie Jr

Ghost Ship 1: Pac Pinky

Ghost Ship 2: Slimy

Ghost Ship 3: None

Ghost Ship 4: None

Ghost Ship 5: Selkie Jr

Ghost Ship 6: Mr.Anchor

Ghost Ship 7: None

The Engine Room: BOSS, Capt. Latanica

 Ulu City

This is the most recent expansion of Singapore. In Singapore, the term “ulu” means “abandoned or deserted,” a fitting name for this city that lies in ruins. It looks a lot like the other regions of Singapore, but the ground is overgrown with tree roots and many of the buildings in both the foreground and background are crumbling away. It’s a powerful area with monsters ranging from level 80 to 115. It has three main sections: Destroyed Park, Ruins of Krexel, and Ulu Estate. At the entrance, there are the black slime monsters carrying trees over their heads; slightly further in, and one encounters the last human occupant, Commando Jim. This area can be reached by walking from Suburban Area 2, off the CBD.

Ulu Estate

These appear to be apartment complexes that have been overrun with monsters and nature. Broken down cars and fallen light poles litter the ground. The main enemies in the first map are giant beetles with the black slimes hanging from their legs, the Veetron. Beyond those are cars that have become so overgrown that the trees have taken them into themselves and begun moving around, called Montrecer. Approaching the Ulu City, the maps are occupied by new concrete behemoths that lumber about, the Petrifighters.

Destroyed Park

In the abandoned city, there was once a beautiful park. However, with the city in ruins it decayed rapidly, and is now the home of colossal tree monsters, the Duku. They can somehow move, and lurk through the park with great malice. Additionally, enormous worms called Slygie will burst forth from the ground once in a while. It is often crowded due to the excellent HP/EXP ratio of the monsters there.


Long Kiss Duku Good Night

This mini-dungeon is located in The Destroyed Park II. The map contains only Duku. It offers a relatively good training spot with straight platforms.

Ruin of Krexel

It’s a giant tower that’s completely filled with tree roots. Players will have to climb the tower while avoiding wires, gas tanks and bees. At the top, an enormous tree pokes through the roof, somewhat resembling a giant Duku. The name of this area is derived from a mysterious boss called Krexel.

Map Walkthrough (with Monsters/Different Direction):

Suburban Area 1: Freezer

Suburban Area 2: Trucker

Entrance to Ulu City: Berserkie

Ulu Estate 1: Berserkie/Veetron

Ulu Estate 2: Veetron/Slygie

Ulu Estate 3: Montrecer

Along the Ulu City: Petrifighter/Montrecer

Centre of Ulu City: Petrifighter

Destroyed Park 1: Slygie/Duku

Destroyed Park 2: Duku

MINI-DUNGEON, Long Kiss Duku Good Night: Duku

Ruin of Krexel 1(Via Destroyed Park 2): None

Ruin of Krexel 2: BOSS, Krexel










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